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Ashirvad Column Pipes


Ashirvad Pipes, based in Bengaluru, was the first in the world to design, develop and manufacture column/riser/drop pipes using uPVC. These pipes are being successfully used in erection of submersible borehole pumps. Available in diameter 25 mm to 160 mm, these pipes are the ideal replacement for GI and HDPE pipes, recommended for installations up to 1,200 feet with submersible pumps.

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Why PVC for pressure applications?

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PVC pressure pipe systems, including Duroflo and Ultraflo, offer many advantages when compared to traditional products, namely: • Enhanced hydraulic performance. • Durability and toughness – resistance to handling and installation damage. • Corrosion resistance – greater service life. • Lower mass – ease of handling and installation, particularly suited to labour intensive projects. • Locked-in sealing ring system – no specialist installation skills required. • Savings on installation time. • Manufactured within internationally accepted • Highly recyclable - Waste generated during manufacturing is pulverized and reprocessed. • Savings on transport costs. • Service performance in excess of 50 years. • Unique combination of properties - Toughness - Stiffness - High tensile and hoop strength - Excellent resistance to creep • Energy efficient - PVC pipe production consumes less energy during manufacturing than steel, clay or ductile iron • Predictable long-term behaviour.

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Plasson Fittings

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Plasson’s innovative products revolutionized the way of connecting polyethylene pipes in the 1960’s. We started with fittings for agricultural irrigation and later developed solutions for urban water distribution. Nowadays, water delivery systems in many of the world’s great cities owe their excellence to Plasson’s innovative research and development. Plasson ensures superior designs and products, the widest range of fittings and adaptors and a genuine commitment to quality, delivery and service. Plasson continues to strive for the future environment. By using Plasson products, you help us to invest in our vision of a world where clean, pure water will be everyone’s birthright.

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